Saturday, May 14, 2016


The Saturday market is called NAPLAVKA and it runs for blocks along the Vltava River through the heart of the city. It is a leisurely 20 minutes stroll from the apartment, but first I must make myself look impossibly adorable.
Then, the approach. Already, by noon, there are thousands of people on foot, on bikes, drinking cafe and beer and buying foodstuffs and snacks of every kind.

The man who makes the garlic toast over a wood-fired grill, turns the pieces of bread a dozen times before he is ready to give you your slice on a napkin. It is impossibly delicious and you may brush your teeth twelve times through the day but the garlic simply will not leave.

On the way back you must stroll through side streets, catching the doorways and statuary built into the walls and the art in the plazas of the many theatres. Prague is HUGE in cultural activities, including live performances of every kind.

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Robert W. said...

David, through your blog I'm seeing scenes I'm familiar with and many new ones too. Absolutely wonderful!