Monday, May 16, 2016


The sun popped out just long enough mid-afternoon to continue my romantic, naive fantasy about the joys of Europe. Who knows, if I lived here for a year or so in Prague or Venice or a hill town in Umbria, how quickly I might come to be irritated or downright paranoid or furious at the politics or criminality or defeatism. Or maybe I would still love every baroque facade and every doppio macchiato.

First I went into a cafe where the service was so grim and rude that after 15 minutes with an empty table, I left. Lucky me because that is when I fell into the fantastic BOND CAFE.

Czech them out at 

The young ladies are even more beautiful than the butter & jam, and they have bigger smiles. 

They have posters of Connery and Daniel Craig all over the place and when I showed them my Bond photo of the other night, they loved it.

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