Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tidying Up the House


That's better.

Thanks for the two comments from June & Mo, I now know that all is working, and better yet, all of your comments from the past week and my replies - including the garlic broccoli recipe - are now posted.

The one hour Aer Lingus flight from Edinburgh to Dublin was excellent and speedy and uneventful, which is about all you can say these days about a commercial flight, I suppose. We arrived to a fortnight of sunny summer weather.

The traffic from the airport was a total mess, thanks to a fellow Canadian...can you guess who?

That's right. Celine Dion playing to 80,000 fans at the second largest outdoor football stadium in Europe. (Wembley has 22o more seats.)

This morning, I will head out with camera on hip and report back.


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