Friday, May 30, 2008

'Nuther Notice to Bloggists

I completely forgot to enable the system to forward your comments to me and then to show the comments.

I think I have now corrected that.

Look, let's be honest.

At this point, if I tie my shoelaces properly, that's a good day.
I have just arrived earlier this evening in Dublin.

Please send along some more comments so that I can be assured that all is in working order.


Anonymous said...

You're having a wonderful time . . .
Wish I were there (Dublin that is)!

or, what's the old joke?

Weather is here, wish you were beautiful.

Thanks for keeping us updated.



Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying all your travel tales David. Posting this so that you can see if the system is a go...

Buy some loafers while you are over there.... Scottish brogues do they call them? :-)