Sunday, May 25, 2008

Later the same day...

A stop at The Olive Grove Bistro sitting in the hot sun in the window and chatting for quite a while with a lovely girl from...wait for it...Tasmania! She's off now to Bristol to work with developmentally challenged people doing art work.

From there, over the North Bridge to the South Bridge and the huge Festival Theatre where 71-year old Tommy Steele is playing in Dr. Doolittle, along with puppets and others talking to the Animals. I'll buy a ticket for Tuesday evening. The young man front of house is, of course, himself an actor and we had a great chat about the challenges of a life in show biz.

In the bookstore across the street, I found a novel and a book of short stories by a man who is considered the greatest of living Irish writers, but I'll be damned if I can remember his name at the moment. Also a nice inexpensive version of Robert Louis Stevenson's "The Strange Tale of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde." This is the kind of classic work that we often assume we read somewhere along the line only to discover that, of course, we've just seen the movie, the TV series and the bubble gum cards.

Dinner at a quiet little place down "Old Fishmonger's Close" was fantastic. The chef/owner is from Spain. He came to my table and I told him I'd order two tapas dishes to start, but that I'd really love some vegetables.

The bowl of mixed grilled veggies was only just about the best I've ever tasted!

Last night at Il Castello, I figured out how they made the Garlic Broccoli, checked with the owner when he came by and you can bet I'll be adding that to my repertoire at home.

The views from the windy North Bridge are as delicious as the food...


Anonymous said...

So how do you make the Garlic Broccoli?

David Berner said...

You know how you make Leek Soup? take a leek...

OK, we got that out of the way.
Now, the way to make the garlic broccoli is this:

Steam the broccoli and flace the florets in a white baking dish.
Pour on some nice olive oil, sprinkle with copious finely chopped garlic and place the whole thing in the oven for...I dunno...but not too long I would think...and then put under the broiler for less than a minutes to just barely add a touch of browning.