Friday, June 6, 2008

By the Sea

As no smoking is allowed in any buildings here these days, Dublin is one big ashtray. The streets and doorsteps are littered, and one has to run inside to catch a breath of fresh air.

Or get on the DART, and head up coast to the aptly named GreyStones and Sandycove.

Sandycove is a special pilgrimage because this is where Joyce's "Ulysses" begins with "Stately, plump Buck Mulligan..."

So Joyce nuts like me come to see the Martello Tower, shown in some of the photos below. But the real revelation is the town itself.

I'm sure it cannot be cheap to live in Sandycove, but I am also sure that it is pretty close to heaven. Those houses face the Irish Sea and some are grand and some are sweet cottages.

Louis, the waiter in the Eagle pub, who served me a delicious veggie, tuna and egg sandwich is from Beijing. He is marrying his Beijing girlfriend because she is expecting their baby. So much for his fascination with Irish women.

In the evening, I went to another play at The Abbey, this time in the smaller studio theatre round the corner and down the stairs, "The Peacock."

Amazing, beautiful piece of work called "The Brothers Size." Three black New York actors and a local white Irish percussionist at the side of the stage telling a powerful story through words and music and movement and dance. Lovely second to last evening in Dublin.

Today, just casual strolling. Tomorrow, fly to Heathrow for one night to catch a morning flight home on Sunday.

I hope you've enjoyed these pictures and musings.

Travel is always great and coming back home even sweeter.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the photography and the commentary David. I, and I'm sure others enjoyed it immensely. My heritage is England and Ireland.

Slán Abhaile